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Another SPND front company revealed: Ervin Parto Caspian

  When Iran Redline gets a taste for some easy sport we go looking for SPND front companies. SPND - the Iranian military research organization with a penchant for nuclear weapons - relies on front companies to procure sensitive equipment; raise revenue; and as hollow logs to squirrel away ill-gotten cash. So we like to reveal these companies whenever we can! Today, we're revealing a company called Ervin Parto Caspian ( اروین پرتو کاسپین ). Ervin Parto Caspian has managed to stay under the radar for a few years thanks to some sneakiness on their part. You'll notice on the Ervin Parto Caspian website that there's no mention of the names of their staff, their shareholders, or - heaven forbid - any sign of their ties to SPND. That's where we can help. KPSing it in the family Our analysis of Iranian business records has revealed that Ervin Parto Caspian is closely tied to a notorious SPND front company named Kimiya Pakhsh Shargh (KPS or کیمیا پخش شرق , n

Islamic Azad University falls deeper down the SPND rabbit hole

We've got some more bad news about Iran's oldest and most prestigious private university, Islamic Azad University's Central Tehran Branch ( دانشگاه آزاد واحد تهران مرکزی ). Not only has IAU previously signed an expansive memorandum of cooperation with Iran's shady nuclear research outfit SPND ( سپند ), as we revealed in two recent posts , we've also learned that IAU hired a notorious SPND member into one of the university's most senior staff positions.  On 3 May 2019, according to an IAU press release , the university recruited Engineer Javad Al-Yasin ( جواد آل یاسین ) to head IAU's Velayat University Complex ( مجتمع دانشگاهی ولایت ), a cornerstone facility of the IAU's central Tehran campus. Here's what they left out in the press release: Javad Al-Yasin is SPND to the gills. In 2009, he was outed by an Iranian dissident group as the head of something called the Research Center for Explosion and Impact or METFAZ ( مرکز تحقیقات فناوری انفجار