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SPND has Built ... a Bus!

Here's a sentence we never thought we'd have to write: SPND has built a bus. Yes, SPND - the Iranian defence research organisation that's basically a halfway house for Iranian scientists who are addicted to nuclear weapons. With all of their funding and great minds they've come together to create something that looks like a school science project. How amazing.  Maybe this cartoon (one of my favorite shows) is where Fakhrizadeh and his friends get their best ideas? Let's backtrack a bit on how we found out about this story. Our Redline team was happily chowing down on some chelow kebab and reviewing the latest news updates from our friends at Iran's Ministry of Defence (shout out to !). In an otherwise extremely tedious press release from October2018 about the launch  of a new portable x-ray device for monitoring truck cargo, one of our eagle-eyed correspondents spotted a familiar logo.  Here it is: And f