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The IRGC and the Ghetto SAMs

Redline very much enjoyed our last outing where we followed the IRGC's missile proliferation to Yemen, and we thought we'd continue on that theme a bit longer. Turns out that there's lots to talk about. Not unsurprisingly, it seems, that as well as smuggling large ballistic missile systems to Houthi-controlled territory in Yemen, the IRGC is moving shedloads of other kit from Iranian arms factories to the Houthis. Secretly. Sort of. Well... not really secretly at all, because the IRGC keeps a secret about as well as Stormy Daniels maintains a nondisclosure agreement. One item in the IRGC's smuggling pockets that has Redline particularly concerned is surface-to-air missile systems, or SAMs. The Houthis already had a pretty decent stockpile of man-portable air defence systems (aka MANPADs) that they'd plundered from government stockpiles, but over the last year or so, the Houthis' MANPADS stockpiles have diminished, and they've been resorting to h