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The revolving door of SPND leadership spins again

 Well, blow us down. SPND has a new boss! Again! We'd not even had time to settle in and get used to the tenure of IRGC official Mehdi Farahi, who'd been drafted in to replace the assassinated Mohsen Fakhrizadeh as head of Iran's premier defense-industrial-definitely-not-nuclear-weapons-research outfit. As things turn out, Farahi headed SPND for less than six months - a paltry record after Fakhrizadeh's 20 year plus run in charge of SPND or its predecessor organizations.   We're a bit sad about that, as Mehdi Farahi was a favorite punching bag for us at Redline HQ. There wasn't a single guidance system or carbon fiber production factory that Farahi couldn't bungle in his previous incarnations looking at things  overseeing business in Iran's missile industry. Perhaps the SPND hot seat was just a little too toasty for Farahi's ample buttocks.   A big (if admittedly slightly belated) welcome, then to the new new head of SPND - Dr Reza Mozafari