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AMAD Man of the Month: SPND's Ahmad Haghighat Talab (احمد حقیقت طلب)

Today we're here to celebrate the achievements of one of the veterans of Iran's military nuclear complex. The person's name is Ahmad Haghighat Talab (احمد حقیقت طلب).As we've learned from a friendly rival in the SPND stan sphere, Haghighat Talab was heavily involved in the Amad nuclear weapons program (طرح آماد), which ran from the late 1990s until 2003, when Iran's Supreme Leader - spooked by US troops in Iraq - pulled the plug on the program. As shown by some great images posted by the site, Haghighat Talab was involved in making preliminary preparations to test a nuclear device in an Iranian desert. (Thankfully for us, at that time there was no nuclear device ready to test - and that's still the case, thank goodness, thanks to ongoing global scrutiny of Iran's nuclear program.)We think Haghighgat Talab deserves a brighter light shone on the work he's done since Amad. From the information that we've uncovered, it's clear that he has never let …