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AMAD Man of the Month: SPND's Ahmad Haghighat Talab (احمد حقیقت طلب)

  Today we're here to celebrate the achievements of one of the veterans of Iran's military nuclear complex. The person's name is... Ahmad Haghighat Talab ( احمد حقیقت طلب ).   As we've learned from a friendly rival in the SPND stan sphere , Haghighat Talab was heavily involved in the Amad nuclear weapons program ( طرح آماد ), which ran from the late 1990s until 2003, when Iran's Supreme Leader - spooked by US troops in Iraq - pulled the plug on the program. As shown by some great images posted by the site, Haghighat Talab was involved in making preliminary preparations to test a nuclear device in an Iranian desert. (Thankfully for us, at that time there was no nuclear device ready to test - and that's still the case, thanks to ongoing global scrutiny of Iran's nuclear program.)   We think Haghighgat Talab deserves a brighter light shone on the work he's done since Amad. From the information that we've uncovered, it's clear that he has nev