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SPND Killed Your Dad's Favorite Rockstars

What do Prince and Tom Petty have in common, besides having a likely presence in your dad's CD collection? They both died of drug overdoses - and, specifically, overdoses of an opioid compound called fentanyl. Fentanyl is a hell of a drug. Originally developed as a super-potent form of pain relief, it's since become a widely misused illicit substance, and was responsible for more than 70,000 overdose deaths in the US alone in 2021. Anyway, there's a widespread and concerted global effort by law enforcement authorities, health policy officials, and medical workers to try and minimize the illegal production and abuse of fentanyl. That noble effort stretches pretty much everywhere across the world - everywhere, that is, except a couple of key places in Iran. As we'll see today, the IRGC and SPND aren't so much into stopping the abuse of fentanyl as they are enthusiastically exploiting its properties as a chemical warfare agent. We also have suspicions that both entitie