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The Mighty Noosh

11 July 2017  If you've spent any time loitering around university bars (as Redline very well may have done), you'll know that life as a PhD student is pretty much the opposite of enjoyable. The pursuit of a doctorate might be a noble one, but PhD study usually also comes with a one-way ticket to self-loathing, depression, and inevitable alcoholism. So imagine trying to write a PhD thesis while holding down a day job running Iran's liquid-fuelled missile program! And also having to run the occasional clandestine mission to North Korea to work on a top secret project. It's enough to make you really, really, really want a drink. But one Iranian is doing exactly that - Seyed Mirahmad Nooshin (سید میراحمد نوشین). Redline isn't sure whether Nooshin wants a drink (or wants more than one), but he definitely is running a missile programme, writing a PhD, and secretly helping the Norks build a giant rocket booster. And in this post we're going to