Iran's nuclear submarine: cui bono?

With senior figures in Iran's Navy making noise again about pursuing a nuclear-powered submarine program , we here at Redline promised we would dig a little further into this expensive enterprise. So we thought we'd take a look behind the scenes at the Iranian organizations who will be elbowing each other out of the way to get some nuke sub cash.     Redline has been following the nuclear sub story since 2012, when Iran's navy first announced that Tehran was spinning up plans to "design and build nuclear submarine propulsion systems" . We said back then that the purported submarine plan was a fig-leaf to allow Iran to start enriching uranium to 60% - the point where uranium looks less like nuclear fuel for reactors and more like something you stick in a bomb. Thankfully, that hasn't happened yet, even if Iran did announce its intentions to enrich to 20%, already far beyond the 3.67% cap allowed by the JCPOA.   But the allure of a nuclear-powered su

A moment of silence for Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi (محسن فخری‌زاده مهابادی)

  In terms of security, we think the last couple of years are a blip that the Iranian powers-that-be would rather forget.    Since 1397, we’ve seen troves of documents from the supposedly secret Nuclear Archives make international headlines , the explosive killing of IRGC-QF head Qasem Soleimani (قاسم سلیمانی ), a series of mysteriously unexplained incidents at nuclear and other sensitive facilities here and there, and now this: our main man, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, has been assassinated . On Iranian soil. Just outside Tehran. In broad daylight.    All of this, despite the regime continuously taking freedoms away from the Iranian people in the name of "security". No wonder they're claiming their revered nuclear scientist died facing an elaborate, futuristic robot that no one could defeat. As head of the shadowy Iranian nuclear research organization SPND (سپند ), F akhrizadeh had been a regular presence in our features here at Redline over the years, so much so tha

We are the Village Green Nuclear Weapon Preservation Societies

SPND ( سپند ) is an insidious and devious organization. Its officials hide behind pseudonyms. SPND has dozens of front companies that it uses to covertly procure sensitive nuclear-related equipment. They groom university students to unwittingly do research with the ultimate aim of preserving Iran's capabilities to one day produce nuclear weapons.   And as we're going to show in today's post, SPND has also established or taken over various Iranian professional associations for key engineering disciplines, with the goal of secretly promoting SPND's goals, spotting talent, and legitimizing SPND's covert work.     Today we're revealing three of Iran's top engineering associations as SPND fronts. They are: - the Nuclear Society of Iran ( انجمن هسته ای ایران ) - the Iranian Scientific Association of Energetic Materials ( انجمن مواد پرانرژی ایران ) and - the Acoustical Engineering Society of Iran ( انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایران )   Here's how we