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The IRGC Qods Force is not very good at its job: Missiles in Yemen

11 October 2018 Redline is back! We've got a great tan after several summery months on the beach and we're chomping at the bit to get you some more juicy content. We're very pleased with our new-look: let us know what you think. As some light beachside reading (we love a hammock) Redline has just finished getting through a very long and very detailed report released in January this year by the United Nations Security Council's Panel of Experts on Yemen. We weren't able to get round to reading it earlier in the year but we should have. The report, available here , gives an eye-opening expert account of the Yemeni conflict. Patently, nobody was winning it in January and it doesn't seem like much has changed since.  The situation in Yemen is horrible and we don't want to make light of the awful things that the Yemeni civilian population is going through. However, it was admittedly with some level of amusement that we read the Panel's accou