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We are the Village Green Nuclear Weapon Preservation Societies

SPND ( سپند ) is an insidious and devious organization. Its officials hide behind pseudonyms. SPND has dozens of front companies that it uses to covertly procure sensitive nuclear-related equipment. They groom university students to unwittingly do research with the ultimate aim of preserving Iran's capabilities to one day produce nuclear weapons.   And as we're going to show in today's post, SPND has also established or taken over various Iranian professional associations for key engineering disciplines, with the goal of secretly promoting SPND's goals, spotting talent, and legitimizing SPND's covert work.     Today we're revealing three of Iran's top engineering associations as SPND fronts. They are: - the Nuclear Society of Iran ( انجمن هسته ای ایران ) - the Iranian Scientific Association of Energetic Materials ( انجمن مواد پرانرژی ایران ) and - the Acoustical Engineering Society of Iran ( انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایران )   Here's how we

Another SPND front company: Payeshgaran Parto Danesh Co

When Iran Redline just wants to switch off and enjoy some mindless fun, we go looking for front companies belonging to SPND (سازمان سپند), the secretive Iranian defense research entity. SPND is so hapless at operational security (hello Atomic Archive!) that this kind of detective work is less Sherlock Holmes and more no shit, Sherlock. Today we're revealing SPND's connections to Payeshgaran Parto Danesh Company (شرکت پایشگران پرتو دانش, ID: 10320164354), also known as IPPD Responder or PPD. PPD advertises itself as a provider of specialized training in radiation detection and protection services. They're licensed by Iran's Atomic Energy Organization to conduct radiation protection training courses, and their website shows that they've ran several of these courses for universities and industrial companies. This is a nice money-spinner for some old hands from SPND who learned their radiation protection skills from handling the very sort of nuclear materials that the

AMAD Man of the Month: SPND's Ahmad Haghighat Talab (احمد حقیقت طلب)

  Today we're here to celebrate the achievements of one of the veterans of Iran's military nuclear complex. The person's name is Ahmad Haghighat Talab ( احمد حقیقت طلب ).   As we've learned from a friendly rival in the SPND stan sphere , Haghighat Talab was heavily involved in the Amad nuclear weapons program ( طرح آماد ), which ran from the late 1990s until 2003, when Iran's Supreme Leader - spooked by US troops in Iraq - pulled the plug on the program. As shown by some great images posted by the site, Haghighat Talab was involved in making preliminary preparations to test a nuclear device in an Iranian desert. (Thankfully for us, at that time there was no nuclear device ready to test - and that's still the case, thank goodness, thanks to ongoing global scrutiny of Iran's nuclear program.)   We think Haghighgat Talab deserves a brighter light shone on the work he's done since Amad. From the information that we've uncovered, it's clear

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh creeps into the limelight

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the head of Iran's shadowy SPND organization, has traditionally shunned publicity. Until recently, the only glimpses that we've had of Fakhrizadeh have been from grainy photographs probably purloined by intelligence agencies.   That's all changed. We recently wrote about how we spotted Fakhrizadeh in publicly-released footage from a meeting in January 2019 of Iran's Cognitive Science and Technologies Council (CSTC or ستاد توسعه علوم و فناوریهای شناختی ) - probably much to Fakhrizadeh's annoyance. Little did we realize then that Mohsen actually made at least two public appearances that month - and at the second one, he certainly wasn't hiding from the cameras.   On 5 January 2019, as an obscure Iranian media outlet reported , Fakhrizadeh signed a trilateral memorandum of understanding on behalf of SPND with the IRGC's Basij mobilization organization ( مسلح سازمان بسیج سازندگی کشور ) and Iran's Supreme National Defense Univers