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We are the Village Green Nuclear Weapon Preservation Societies

SPND ( سپند ) is an insidious and devious organization. Its officials hide behind pseudonyms. SPND has dozens of front companies that it uses to covertly procure sensitive nuclear-related equipment. They groom university students to unwittingly do research with the ultimate aim of preserving Iran's capabilities to one day produce nuclear weapons.   And as we're going to show in today's post, SPND has also established or taken over various Iranian professional associations for key engineering disciplines, with the goal of secretly promoting SPND's goals, spotting talent, and legitimizing SPND's covert work.     Today we're revealing three of Iran's top engineering associations as SPND fronts. They are: - the Nuclear Society of Iran ( انجمن هسته ای ایران ) - the Iranian Scientific Association of Energetic Materials ( انجمن مواد پرانرژی ایران ) and - the Acoustical Engineering Society of Iran ( انجمن مهندسی صوتیات ایران )   Here's how we