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SPND adores the Ava Institute

Do you like pictures of spaceships and Ayatollah Khamenei? Do you enjoy fan fiction about SPND? And do you really hate changing your phone number? If you answered yes to all those questions, have we got a sweet find for you! Redline has just discovered an amazing new Iranian publication, the Ayandeh (آینده) magazine. It's the in-house journal of a new, Tehran-based futurist think-tank, the Ava Institute (مؤسسه آینده نگاری و ایده پروری آوا or موسسه آوا). Ayandeh magazine is a cracking read, with articles on cutting-edge technology, musings on religion and philosophy, and short stories designed to provoke insights about what lies ahead for humankind. The graphic design is good too: the magazine is full of inspirational images of renowned thinkers and thought-leaders like Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, and Tom Cruise in Minority Report. There's just one thing... We're pretty sure that the Ava Institute is a front for SPND, the shadowy defence research organization that empl